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LiveWorship for Macintosh
See version history for release notes, features, changes and past installers.

Requires 10.4+
Intel Macs
LiveWorship Installer/Update
PowerPoint Converter for Intel Macs

Errors after installing? See FAQ


If you are using International (non-USA) dates/times, please contact support BEFORE upgrading from versions prior to 1.3.65.

If you are having trouble saving, please change permissions of the LiveWorship folder.

Please BACKUP your Media Library folder BEFORE updating to a newer version.

Requires QuickTime 7

Some users have reported issues after downloading an installer with the FireFox web browser. If you are using FireFox and cannot install after downloading, you might try an alternative web browser.

LiveWorship Installer
The LiveWorship Installer contains the LiveWorship application, over 140 backgrounds, over 500 songs, 2 audio clips, 3 video clips, and the King James version of the Bible. Additional Bible modules are available on our downloads page.

LiveWorship Update Installer
As always, we recommend that you backup your media library folder on a regular basis and also before doing any updates. The LiveWorship installer will update your copy of LiveWorship.

Mac OS X 10.3.9 "Panther" Downloads
Information on installing on Mac OS X 10.3.9. Additional Bible modules are available on our downloads page.

PowerPoint Converter for Mac Universal Binary

Apple has transitioned from Motorola PowerPC (PPC) processors to Intel processors. Part of that transition was that older applications that were not yet written or optimized for the newer Intel processors could still run on on the Intel Macs through a virtualization (or emulation) layer called "Rosetta". LiveWorship 1.3.16 was the last version that was not optimized for the newer Intel Macs...so it was possible to use it on the newer Intel Macs (although it would not take full advantage of the newer processor and run under this virtualization layer).

Another side effect of moving to the newer Intel processors was that the process we used to import PowerPoint files became broken as LiveWorship 1.3.26 and greater were optimized for the newer Intel processors but MS Office for Mac 2001/2004 was still running in the Rosetta virtualization layer.

This stand alone converter application runs in the Rosetta virtualization layer and will use an installed version of PowerPoint for Mac 2001 or 2004 to convert a PowerPoint file into a LiveWorship presentation file that can then be loaded and saved into LiveWorship.

Download, unzip and place this PowerPoint Converter application into your LiveWorship folder (found inside the Applications folder). This stand-alone application will allow users to convert PowerPoint files into LiveWorship presentation files.

Converter requires Microsoft Office: PowerPoint 2001/2004 installed
(not yet compatible with PowerPoint 2008 Mac)

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