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Short Tutorials: Adding Audio or Video (to a Slide in a Presentation)

(Related Topics: Importing media to the LiveWorship library, DVD queues and External Video Feeds)

An Audio file or Video file can be added to a slide. See importing for adding audio or video files to the LiveWorship library. While presenting to the second screen, the audio or video file that is attached to a slide is triggered to play when you display that slide to Screen 2. Video files act like background images when added to a slide (they will replace any current background image) and are removed the same way as a background image (see image controls in the Slide Edit Panel).

In version 1.3+, a DVD cue or external video feed can be added to a slide as the background from the Slide Edit Panel.

Select the Audio or Video item from the Media Panel in the bottom left of the LiveWorship Window. A list of these files will be displayed in the Library Panel. The file names and the date the file was created will show in columns and clicking on either of these column headings will sort the files. The column headings are "toggle" sort buttons and will alternately sort the entries in ascending or descending order. Select a file by positioning your mouse cursor over it, holding the mouse button down, then drag and drop the file in a blank area of the Presentation Panel. Video files slides will display the first frame of the video as the background and audio files slides will use the default background image. You may also need to provide a name for a new group in which this new slide will belong.

You will see a slide thumbnail created in the Presentation Panel. Observe the color of the border around this new slide thumbnail. If this border contains red (this indicates that this slide is currently marked for editing), you can "play" this media in the Preview Panel. (If the border does not contain red, click with the right mouse button (or with single button Macintosh mice, hold the control key while clicking with the mouse) on the slide and select "Edit Slide" from the contextual menu that pops up.) In the Preview Panel (make sure the Edit tab is selected), use the Play and Stop buttons directly under the Preview Panel to start and stop the video/audio file.

Video: Loop or Play Once?
When you click on the slide in the Presentation Panel, the video or audio file will start playing. In versions 1.2+, video clips will stop at the end of the clip unless there is text added over the video. If text is added over the video, the clip will loop behind the text (motion background). If you need a clip to loop without text, just add some non-printing characters (use the space bar on your keyboard). If you play a clip in the Preview Panel, all clips will loop regardless of whether or not it has "text over video".

Drag and drop from Apple's iTunes applications:
Windows users can drag a song directly from your iTunes window into the LiveWorship Presentation Panel.
Macintosh users will need to drag the song to the desktop and then re-drag the file into the LiveWorship Presentation Panel. LiveWorship will play protected AAC files purchased from the iTunes Music Store as long as they are on a computer that is authorized to play them.

See importing for adding audio or video files to the LiveWorship library.

LiveWorship supports the following audio file formats: WAV, MP3, AAC, MID (Windows)

LiveWorship supports the following video file formats: MPG, MPEG, AVI, MOV, (SWF if they will play in QuickTime).


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