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Short Tutorials: Adding Scripture

(Related Topics: Importing Scripture (Bible) modules into the LiveWorship library)

Image: After Selecting Scriptures in the Media Library,
select translation, book and chapter in the Library Panel then select a verse.

LiveWorship comes with several versions (some pre-loaded and other available as modules to be imported) of the Bible. To add or remove bible modules into the Media Library, see importing scripture. To add scripture, select Scriptures from the Media Panel. In the Library Panel, you will see Books and Chapters of the Bible listed. Select a book, then a chapter and finally click with your mouse on a scripture verse and drag this into the Presentation Panel and drop (but not onto an existing slide). This will create a new slide with your scripture text.

Dragging Multiple Verses
You can also highlight and drag multiple verses. Use your shift key to highlight adjoining verses (click with your mouse on the first verse, hold down your shift key and click with your mouse on the last verse). To highlight non-adjoining verses, use the command key (Macintosh) or control key (Windows) while clicking with your mouse on multiple verses. In the miscellaneous preferences, you have an option to include the version abbreviation and also specify how the LiveWorship will put in the references for multiple verses. You can select between having the reference summarized at the top of the selection or each verse will have a reference at the beginning.

Splitting Text Over Multiple Slides
When you are building a slide, you may have too much text on one slide so you can use the Editor Window to split the information onto multiple slides. Click with the right mouse button (or with single button Macintosh mice, hold the control key while clicking with the mouse) on the slide. A pop up menu will show you options for that slide. Select "Editor Window" and a dialog box will open to display the text on the slide. Use your mouse or arrow keys to move your cursor to locations where you would like to split the text and press the Enter key (Windows) or the Return key (Macintosh) twice to leave a blank line (the number of blank lines needed to indicate where a new slide begins can be changed in the miscellaneous preferences so that you can allow for blank lines on slides). Once you leave the Editor Window, the blank lines will be used to determine how to divide this text over multiple slides. See Editor Window for more information.

If you are having trouble locating a certain passage of Scripture, you may use the Search function for one or both versions of the Bible to find what you are looking for.

LiveWorship comes with only three bible modules pre-loaded. This is partly due to keeping the size of the downloaded file reasonable, but also allow users to customize their modules. Bible modules can be downloaded from the Downloads page or imported directly from your CD. To add or remove bible modules into the Media Library, see importing scripture.



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