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Short Tutorials: Adding a Slide Show (to a Presentation)

This allows you to quickly add a folder of images as a group to your presentation with a five second delay between each image.

To add a slide show group, pull the File menu to Create Slideshow or use the shortcut key (Windows: Shift+Ctrl+C, Macintosh: Shift+Cmd+C) and an open file dialog box will open. Navigate to a folder and highlight multiple files (Windows: Shift-click for adjacent files; Ctrl-click for non-adjacent files, Macintosh: Shift-click for adjacent files, Cmd-click for non-adjacent files). After highlighting the files, click the "Create" button and these files will be added internally to your presentation as a group.

To play this slide show group of slides, click with the right mouse button (or with single button Macintosh mice, hold the control key while clicking with the mouse) on the name of the group in the Slide Group Panel and select "Play this group", which will play through once, or "Loop this group", which will continue to play the group over and over until you click the Stop button on the Toolbar or select another slide to be displayed.


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