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Short Tutorials: Adding Song Lyrics

LiveWorship comes with a database of over 400 public domain songs. You can also add new songs to the database quickly by copying song text (such as from a song lyric webpage) and then pasting this into the Editor Window.

Adding a Song to a Presentation
Let's add a song from the Media Library to a presentation. Select Song Lyrics from the Media Panel. A list of songs will appear in the Library Panel. Clicking on either the title or author column headings will sort the files. The column headings are "toggle" buttons and will alternately sort the column in ascending or descending order. Select a song with your mouse, drag and drop it on a blank area of the Presentation Panel. You may see one or several slides added to the presentation and the name of the song will appear in the Slide Group Panel. If the song is divided into verses, each verse will create a slide.

[Later: Add a background to your song slides. Adjust the text attributes in the Slide Edit Panel.]

Creating a New Song
If you would like to add more songs to the media library, create a new song by either pull the File menu to New Song, clicking the New Song button on the Toolbar or using the shortcut keys (Windows: Ctrl G, Macintosh: Cmd G). The Editor Window will open up and you can either type or paste song lyrics (from a text file or copied from a website) into the window. Multiple slides will be created by having blank lines between blocks of text (see Editor Window for more information).

Image: Paste song lyrics into the Editor Window and select the Song button

Importing Songs from CCLI/SongSelect (available in v1.2+)
CCLI stands for "Christian Copyright License International". Churches who want to display, print or use copyrighted music for worship can purchase a license (often referred to as a CCLI#). SongSelect is a service provided through CCLI that allows subscribers to download (or print) lyrics for copyrighted worship music. Files downloaded from SongSelect are simple text files that can be opened with a word processor and then the lyrics can be copy and pasted into LiveWorship to create a song file.

LiveWorship also allow storing of CCLI data such as Title, Artist, Copyright and CCLI# for each song. To access these fields, right click on the song title in the media library and choose "Advanced" from the menu.

In version 1.2+ there is an import feature for files that have been downloaded from the CCLI/Song Select site. These files will be recognized as SongSelect when you import them into LiveWorship and the CCLI data will be automatically entered for each song. In version 1.3, this feature also recognizes SongSelect files that use the English spelling of "licence" instead of the American English spelling of "license".

Link to CCLI's web site
CCLI - Christian Copyright Licensing International

Importing Songs from PowerPoint (or Apple's Keynote) slides (available in v1.2+)
LiveWorship plays nicely with PowerPoint so you can run the two programs side by side and toggle back and forth between them. On Windows, the "disable screen 2" button on the toolbar will surrender control of the second screen so that another program that uses the second screen (such as PowerPoint) can be used side by side with LiveWorship.

If you have already created PowerPoint files that have song lyrics, you might try to convert those into LiveWorship slides. In version 1.2+, if you import a PowerPoint file LiveWorship attempts to launch PowerPoint (you must have PowerPoint installed on the same computer) and then tries to strip the text and background images and recreate the slides in LiveWorship.

Note that Mac users with Intel Macs (running v1.3.26 optimized for the Intel Macs), will not be able to import PowerPoint through LiveWorship. Our method of converting PowerPoint files was broken when LiveWorshp became Universal Binary (v1.3.26) and PowerPoint, along with the entire MS Office suite, is still running in a virtualization layer called "Rosetta" on Intel Macs. We have a stand-alone application that will convert PowerPoint files. Download our PowerPoint Converter application, unzip and place inside the LiveWorship folder (found inside your Applications folder). Launch this application to convert PowerPoint files into LiveWorship presentation files.

To import Keynote presentations, first export from Keynote as a PowerPoint file format and then follow the instructions for importing a PowerPoint presentation.


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