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LiveWorship is software that creates Presentations to display on a second screen. Each Presentation consists of slides that are organized into groups of slides.

Image: A presentation contains groups of slides

Typically, a Presentation will be made up of all the slides that are going to be used for an event (such as a church service). Slides might include announcements, song lyrics, scripture references, and/or text slides with notes for sermons. Groups are used to keep the slides organized and quickly accessible.

Image: Groups used to organize a Presentation

These names of the Groups are listed on the left and slides are arranged by their groups.

Image: Groups are listed on left and slides are arranged by their group

Selecting a Group name from the list on the left will highlight the group of slides. Often a Presentation will consist of many groups and slides that make it difficult to display them all at once in the window, so this makes it easy to jump to a group and the panel will scroll to show that selected group of slides.

Image: Select a group name in the list on the left and the group will be selected

Image: Location of presentation, groups and slides on the LiveWorship window

If you have a second screen attached (such as a second monitor or projector), selecting a slide thumbnail image will display that slide on Screen 2.

Image: Selecting a slide thumbnail image will display that slide on Screen 2
(indicated by a green border around the thumbnail)


Help Center Contents



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