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Adding DVD Cue

LiveWorship v1.3 adds the ability to set a DVD clip or external video feed as a background image for a slide. Just like a video file that has been added to a slide, the DVD will begin playing when the slide is triggered to display on the second screen. DVD cues are set from a DVD Cue Manager Window that can be displayed when editing the background of a slide. If there is no text on the slide, the clip will play from beginning to end just like a stand-alone video file on a slide.

Adding a DVD Cue (as a background to a slide)

Insert a DVD into your computer. Add a new slide (or select a slide to edit) and then click on the DVD icon in the Slide Edit Panel to place a DVD cue as a background on the slide.

Image: After Selecting
a slide to edit, select the DVD icon in
the Slide Edit Panel to set a cue as the background of the slide.


Image: The DVD Cue Manager Window


Manager Window
After the DVD Cue Manager window appears, the DVD will begin to play.

NOTE: If the DVD has been played before on this particular computer, you may be able to jump directly to the menu (use the menu button) or even to a previously set cue. Otherwise, you may need to view the industry required parts of a commercial DVD. This is important because if you move a presentation or LiveWorship object that has DVD cues to another computer, you may be required to re-establish the DVD cues due to the industry protections. DVD cues may not be transferrable from computer to computer or operating system to operating system due to these levels of protection that have been created by the video industry.


Chapter number and then the time code (hour, minute, seconds, frames)
are displayed below the video. Also, buttons for the last chapter, rewind, pause/play,
frame advance, fast-forward and the next chapter allow you to navigate along the timeline.

Pressing the fast-forward or rewind button multiple times will increase or decrease the speed.

The timeline shows the current playhead location. The two opposing triangles indicate the current in/out points.


Navigation Controls
You can use your mouse to select menu items on the video. Occasionally, you may find that the mouse is not able to select or highlight an item on the video. Use the navigational controls (the four direction arrow control located in the Advanced settings at the bottom of the window) and use the center button to select menu items.

Image: Use the mouse to select menu items.

Image: Buttons in the Advanced section simulate the four directional controls on a DVD
remote used to navigate menus. The button in the center is used to select.

Cue Panel
The panel at the right of the DVD Manager window manages the cues. At the top, you will see the name of the DVD disk that you have in the drive. Under this will be the names of the cues that you created. To create a new cue, click on the + sign at the bottom of the Cue panel. When it appears in the list, you can enter in a name or later right-click on the name to change the name of the cue.

Image: Panel where cues are listed. Use the [ + ] or [ – ] sign at the bottom to add or delete cues.

Use the [+] button at the bottom of the panel to create a new cue. Once you have created a cue, you can use the Set buttons or type time code directly into the Start and End points. Use the Jump buttons to move the playhead in the timeline to that location. The Loop checkbox will create a cue that automatically loops on the slide. The Mute checkbox will disable the audio for the selected cue. Use the Preview button to play the selected clip in the DVD Manager window.

If you have multiple cues created, select the one to be used as the background of the slide being edited and select the Okay button.

Advanced Controls
The Menu button recalls the DVD menu. The Change button will select a DVD in a second DVD drive, if connected. The Export All Cues button will save a file that contains all the DVD cues. Due to regulartory restrictions, you may or may not be able to more DVD cues between different computers. After moving a presentation that includes a DVD cue, you may need to insert that DVD into the computer, edit the slide with the DVD cue, select the DVD button in the Slide Edit panel, watch the FBI warning and then re-establish the DVD cue before being able to trigger the cue on another machine.

Troubleshooting DVD Playback
Visit the FAQ topic for the most current information.

Note that DVD's can be ripped to stand alone video files for more stability in playback, see Converting Video for more information.



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