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Drag and Drop to Add Media
If you drag and drop media into the Presentation Panel, these items will be added to the current presentation. Only after you save the current presentation will the objects be inserted into the media library. Macintosh users can drag items straight from iLife's iPhoto application into the Presentation Panel.

Drag and drop from Apple's iTunes application:
Windows users can drag a song directly from your iTunes window into the LiveWorship Presentation Panel.
Macintosh users will need to drag the song to the desktop and then re-drag the file into the LiveWorship Presentation Panel. LiveWorship will play protected AAC files purchased from the iTunes Music Store as long as they are on a computer that is authorized to play them.

LiveWorship allows you to import many different types of media (images, video and audio) as well as Presentations and Media items (backgrounds, song lyrics, slide and group text, audio and video) that have been exported from another copy of LiveWorship.

Loading a Presentation
Pull the File menu to Import and select Load Presentation. Navigate to the item and select the name of the presentation. All the items that were bundled together when exporting from LiveWorship (song lyrics, images and other media items) will be loaded into the Presentation Panel. To import, you must save the presentation which will insert all the items into the Media Library.

Importing Media
Individual objects (such as background images, song files that have been exported from LiveWorship, audio and video files) can be imported into the Media Library. Pull the File menu to Import and select Media. Navigate to the item and select the file that you would like to import. Files will be placed into the media library under appropriate areas (images in Backgrounds, MP3 files in Audio, etc.).

DVD cues or external video feeds can be added as backgrounds to a slide through the Slide Edit Panel. NOTE: Because of industry measures to protect DVDs, DVD queues created on one computer may NOT be transferrable from one computer to another (specifically Window to Mac or reverse, or from one Windows machine to another). If you are exporting a presentation that contains a DVD queue, you will want to test that presentation on the other machine and potentially need to build the queue on that particular computer.

Media files copied from a CD or DVD play not function properly in LiveWorship (although they may play in the QuickTime Player application) until you change their file permissions to "read & write" access. Copy the file to your computer's harddrive before importing and change the file's permission to "read & write" before importing into LiveWorship.

Importing CCLI/SongSelect files (in version 1.2+)
See adding song lyrics

Importing PowerPoint or Apple's Keynote files (in version 1.2+)
LiveWorship plays nicely with PowerPoint so you can run the two programs side by side and toggle back and forth between them. On Windows, the "disable screen 2" button on the toolbar will surrender control of the second screen so that another program that uses the second screen (such as PowerPoint) can be used side by side with LiveWorship.

Other worship presentation software uses the PowerPoint player that MS built for Windows, but Microsoft never created this piece for Mac OS X. The LiveWorship team's philosophy was to allow both programs to "play nicely" together on both platforms.  LiveWorship's PowerPoint import is designed to convert a PowerPoint presentation into LiveWorship slides.  You will see a loss of animations and transitions.

If you need to have all the functionality of your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation we recommend that you run LiveWorship and the presentation program side by side.  On the Mac, if you are presenting from LW, presenting from PowerPoint or Keynote will simply cover up LiveWorship's display on the second screen.  When you exit the presentation, LiveWorship will be uncovered.  (It works oppositely on Windows, LiveWorship's display will trump a presentation from PowerPoint.  You can then use the Screen 2 On/Off button in the LW toolbar to cover and uncover the PowerPoint presentation.)

See below for more information on importing/converting PowerPoint files.

Using PowerPoint side-by-side with LiveWorship
To use PowerPoint side-by-side, make sure you change PowerPoint's settings to display the slide show on the second screen. If you do not change the default PowerPoint settings, PowerPoint may automatically adjust your computer's display mode from extended desktop to mirroring your primary screen to the second screen which will disrupt LiveWorship's use of the second screen.

If you already have a projector/monitor attached and set to extended desktop, pull the Slide Show menu in PowerPoint to Set Up Show... and click the "Screen..." button to have PowerPoint present to the second screen.

Using PowerPoint side-by-side LiveWorship:

After connecting a projector/monitor with extended desktop mode enabled,
setup PowerPoint to display to the second screen by changing the settings in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Import/Convert:
PowerPoint files can be dragged and dropped into the Presentation Panel to initiate the import OR by pulling the File menu to Import to Import PowerPoint or Flatten PowerPoint. You should NOT have PowerPoint open or LiveWorship may not be able to access some of the Microsoft libraries that are needed for the conversion.
Microsoft Office's PowerPoint must be installed for the import process. At this time, Microsoft Office 2007 and Office:Mac 2008 are not supported. Notice that Mac versions 1.3.26 and higher will not import from inside LiveWorship and a stand alone application must be used (see below).

The first time through the import process, LiveWorship will copy some of the needed library files into the same directory as the LiveWorship application. After this is done, the users will be prompted to quit and restart LiveWorship so that the application can then use these files to complete the conversion. LiveWorship's import attempts to copy the text and background image and recreate these slides inside LiveWorship. Animations and fonts/formatting will be lost during the import...but users will be able to import songs and save them into the LiveWorship library. Reminder that if you need to present a PowerPoint presentation that has animations and specific formatting, we suggest using PowerPoint and LiveWorship side-by-side. See above for how to set up PowerPoint to make this functionality more seamless.

NOTE: PowerPoint import and Intel Macs using LW1.3.26 (or greater)
Mac users on versions 1.3.26 or higher will need to use the stand alone PowerPoint Converter application available on our downloads page. This is due to Apple's change from Intel to PowerPC which broke LiveWorship's import functionality as LiveWorship became a Universal application and MS Office continued to be run in the virtualization layer known as "Rosetta". If you attempt to import a PowerPoint on an Intel Mac using versions higher than 1.3.16, nothing will happen. Download the PowerPoint Converter application which also runs in "Rosetta". Microsoft's Office:Mac 2001 or 2004 must be installed for the import process. At this time, Microsoft Office:Mac 2008 is not supported.

Having difficulty importing PowerPoint? See these FAQ topics

Browse (Folder)
This allows you to look at files outside the LiveWorship library. Initially, the default is to display files that are located on the desktop of your computer. If you have no media files on your desktop, the Library Panel may be empty. To change the directory or location of where you would like to browse for media files, click on the Browse title in the Media Panel (if not highlighted, you may need to select and then click again on the title) and a dialog box will open so you can choose a folder to "browse" for media items. Once you select a folder, image previews of files that LiveWorship recognizes will appear in the Library Panel (this may take some time to scan all the files if you have several items in the folder). You can drag a media item (such as a graphic or audio file) into the Presentation Panel. If you drop the item in a blank area of the Presentation Panel a new slide will be created. This new object will not be imported (or appear in the Backgrounds, Audio, Video or Text libraries) until you save the Presentation and name the object.

Image Formats BMP
Video Formats AVI
(MPG2 requires purchased plug-in for QuickTime due to licensing restrictions)
(if QuickTime will play)
Audio Formats AAC
MID (Windows)

Because LiveWorship is designed to be used in both Windows and Macintosh environments, file names will need to have proper extensions (e.g. JPEG files should end with .jpg and TIFF files should end in .tiff) in order to be recognized as importable files.

Adding/Removing Bible Modules

LiveWorship comes with several Scripture or Bible Modules loaded. Some users may want to remove extra modules that they are not going to use or to save storage space. Adding or removing modules is not a quick task, so plan on having some free time while LiveWorship is re-indexing the database. Pull the File menu to Bible Module and select Add or Remove Module.

NOTE: Depending upon your processor speed, the Adding or Removing process can take as much as 60 minutes or as little as 5 minutes. To make searching scripture within the program as fast as possible, the database goes through an indexing procedure which is time intensive. When adding or removing scriptures, please set aside plenty of time for the process to complete. If the process is interrupted (power failure, force quitting or ending task), the scripture database may not be searchable. Remove the scripture and add the module again.

For more information on how LiveWorship stores media, see the Advanced Topics page.


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