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Preview Panel

Image: The Preview Panel

The Preview Panel is located at the top right of the LiveWorship window. The size of this preview can be toggled between a minimum or maximum size by right-clicking with your mouse (or with single button Macintosh mice, hold the control key while clicking with the mouse) on the the preview image.

This panel has two tabs across the top which will allow you to view a slide to edit or show what is currently being displayed on Screen 2 (along with the next slide to be displayed). The "Edit" tab shows you the slide that is currently marked for editing (indicated by the red border around the slide thumbnail in the Presentation Panel). When a second screen is enabled, the "Screen 2" tab at the top will display the slide that is currently being displayed on the second screen (indicated by the green border around the slide thumbnail in the Presentation Panel) and the slide that will come after the currently presented slide in the Presentation Panel. A slide can be both marked for both display and editing at the same time (indicated by both red and green borders around the slide thumbnail in the Presentation Panel), but if you click on the preview window while on the Screen 2 tab you will be moved to the Edit tab and the currently displayed image will be marked for editing. The changes you make will not be displayed until you re-select the slide in the Presentation Panel.

Image: Border colors around slides in the Presentation Panel indicate
which slide is being edited (red), which slide is being presented (green)
or both displayed and being edited (red and green)

The Slide Next and Slide Back buttons along the bottom left of the Preview Panel allow you to change the focus of which slide is currently being edited (indicated by the red border around the slide thumbnail in the Presentation Panel). The Play and Stop buttons on the bottom right of the Preview Panel are controls for controling slides that have audio or video while they are shown in the Preview Panel.

Image: Controls for the Preview Panel

While also located below the Preview Panel, the Slide Delay Speed control is a setting for the automated Play function and is a part of the Slide Edit Panel controls.


Presentation Mode (or the Screen 2 tab)

The "Screen 2" tab (called the "Presentation Mode" when enabled) will allow you see what is being presented on the second screen along with the next slide preview. One of the advantages of using LiveWorship is that you can present a slide to the second screen while still seeing the LiveWorship control interface on your primary screen. You can use LiveWorship to build and edit presentations without a projector or second monitor attached.

Your computer specifications may not allow a second attached screen to be used for displaying a presentation. In version 1.3+, you can test a presentation using a floating window that simulates your second screen or presenting to the primary screen.

If presenting to the primary screen, pressing the Escape ("ESC") key on your keyboard will stop the presentation. To advance slides, press the space bar or use the arrow keys.


Keyboard Shortcuts
Using the Presentation Mode allows you to see the current slide that is being displayed on the second screen along with the slide that follows in the Presentation Panel. If you need to edit either of these slides during a presentation, just click on the preview and that slide will be pushed into the Slide Edit Panel. While the Presentation Mode (Screen 2 tab) is selected, the Slide Edit Panel is disabled which allows you to use the keys on the keyboard to control your presentation. Pressing the Space Bar or the Right Arrow key will advance slides (the Left Arrow key will show the previous slide). You will notice that the slide thumbnails in the Presentation Panel also have a character in the bottom right corner which is a keyboard shortcut to display that slide while you are in the Presentation Mode. See keyboard shortcuts for more information.

Image: While the Screen 2 tab (Presentation Mode) is selected,
you can use keyboard shortcuts to control the presentation.

Recording Slide Delays (v1.2+ only)

This is a useful feature that allows slide delays to be set while selecting slides for a group (in order, beginning to end). One use for this feature is dropping an audio file of a praise song onto the first slide and then use the recording feature to set the automatic timings so that the lyrics display along with the music. Click on the Record button in the Preview Panel (only displayed when you are editing the first slide in a group).

Image: Press the Record button (only visible when editing
the first slide in a group) to begin the recording slide delays

After you have begun recording, the current slide will be displayed in the Preview Panel and the next slide (your target) will be highlighted in the Presentation Panel. When you click onto the target slide, the slide delay time will be set for the previous slide.

Image: Current slide is displayed in the Preview Panel
Click on the "target slide" highlighted to change to the next slide

After selecting the last target (and last slide in the group), the next click will be on the Stop button in the Preview Panel (next to the Record/Play buttons). After you stop the recording, you will be prompted with the slide delay timings and asked whether or not to save those slide delays.

Image: After clicking the Stop button in the Preview Panel, a dialog box
will prompt the user to discard or keep the recorded slide delays

After selecting the third slide in a group, if you mistakenly click the target slide you can reset the target by selecting the previous slide. This will help if you trigger a slide too soon or by mistake, you can click on the slide before the target and it will move the target back one step.

The slide delays will be used when automating a group or presentation using either the Loop button in the Toolbar or right-clicking on a group in the Slide Group Panel and selecting "play" or "loop" group.


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