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Saving Your Presentation

Saving a presentation takes a few steps because not only are you saving the presentation, but also each new object that you have created so that they will be available to future presentations.

To save the presentation we are working on either pull the File menu to Save, use your mouse to click the Save icon in the Toolbar or use a shortcut key (Windows: Ctrl+S or Macintosh: Cmd+S).

The Save dialog window lists of all the objects that were created since the last save.

Image: You need to choose an option for each media object to save the presentation

There may be several lines but do not be overwhelmed. Each object that needs to be saved will be listed. For each one, you will need to select one of the options.

If you only save an object, it will overwrite the previously saved object that has the same name. If you add a song to your presentation and change the words or add a background image, using save will actually change the saved version in the library. Use this option carefully or use Save As... to preserve the original objects already stored in the library.
Save As
If you use save as, a new object will be created in the library (so you can also give this object a different name if another one exists). If you add a song to your presentation and change the words, using save as will add another version of that song to the library. Once you check the box for save as, the name of the object can be changed.
Within Presentation
Some objects have the option to be saved "within the presentation" and will not appear in the Media Library. This might be useful for simple objects that you do not plan to use again and again and would clutter your library.

Go through each line of the Save window and select one of the checkboxes. Once you finish and press the Next button you will be prompted for a name of your presentation. You must save your presentation in order for the objects to be saved into the library. Saved presentations in the library can have duplicate names and are identified by their creation date.

You must save a presentation in order to insert any new objects into the library/database. If you are only adding songs to your library, save the presentation. This presentation can later be deleted as all the objects will now be saved into the library as individual items.


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