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Search Features

Before searching, select an area to search from the Media Panel:

Image: Select one of the areas of the media panel to search

At the top of the Library Panel, there is an entry box next to a Search button. Type in what you are searching for in the title of the media object and click the Search button.

Image: Search box at the top of the Library Panel

How searching works in LiveWorship can be changed in the Find Preferences. The default for searching is looking for words that start with the same text that you enter into the search, matches all the words that you enter and is not case sensitive.

Image: Find preferences that can customize how LiveWorship searches


Searching Scriptures

When you select Scriptures in the Media Library, a drop down menu will appear above the Category and Library Panels and next to the search box. These search options allow you more selectively search through the Bible modules that have been loaded into LiveWorship.

Image: Scripture search options

Easy View
This view allows you to quickly locate a passage by selecting a version, the book and then chapter. The verses will appear in the bottom of the Library Panel. This allows you to "drill" down to what you are looking for quickly.

Image: Using the Easy View, select a version, then book then chapter...verses appear in the bottom panel.

You can use the search drop down menu to limit the search (search more quickly and narrow the results).


Categories allow you to "tag" media items (Backgrounds, Song Lyrics, Text Objects, Audio/Video) to quickly find them or narrow your search. While you have selected a media type, the Category Panel appears between the Media and Library Panels.

Image: The Category and Library Panels

For more information on how to create and use categories, see Library and Categories Panels.


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