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Version History

Version 1.3.85
Released publicly on May 20, 2011

Installer/Update Combo Mac Intel Mac PPC (10.4+)
Installer Win
Update Win
Improved DVD Playback for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and 10.6 Snow Leopard
Various Bug Fixes
Known Issues: DVD playback in Vista & Win7 not supported, PowerPoint Import only supports Office 2003 (Win) and not supported on Intel Macs

Version 1.3.65
Released publicly on January 10, 2008

Update Win Mac Intel Mac PPC & 10.4+ Mac PPC &10.3.9
Small Install Win Mac Intel Mac PPC & 10.4+ Mac PPC &10.3.9
Large Install Win Mac Intel Mac PPC & 10.4+ Mac PPC &10.3.9
Support for Mac's 10.5 "Leopard" and Microsoft's Vista OS

Version 1.3.64 Public Beta
Released publicly on December 20, 2007

Bug Fix: Styled text crash
Fixed crash that was occuring with some styled text; when slide text was added to presentation or slide was selected; app would crash

Version 1.3.63 Win Public Beta
Released publicly on December 7, 2007

Bug Fix: Audio/Video playback
Allows video and audio playback in Microsoft's Vista
Known issues: DVD Playback in Vista
DVD playback in Vista is not supported

Version 1.3.60 Mac Public Beta
Released publicly on November 9, 2007

Bug Fix: Audio/Video playback
Allows video and audio playback in Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard"

Version 1.3.51
Released publicly on September 4, 2007

Update Win Mac Mac PPC
Small Install Win Mac Mac PPC: Install 1.3.16 (found below) then update to 1.3.51
Large Install Win Mac Mac PPC: Install 1.3.16 (found below) then update to 1.3.51
Feature: Video to video transition
Macs now have a cross-dissolve transition from playing video into playing video and text dissolve between slides with the same video motion background. Windows versions now have a cut transition between playing videos.
Feature: Link for Online Media
Added link in Media Library Panel to webpage for online media sources.
Feature: Video added to Bail to Logo
Video can now be used as the image for "bail to logo".
Feature: UTF-8 enable/disable
Added a checkbox to enable or disable UTF-8 capatibility in the preferences.
Feature: "Next" tab in Screen 2 now advances slides
Added a button functionality to the "Next" tab in the Screen 2 mode.
Feature: Text in Edit Canvas not auto-selected
To save users from accidentally deleting text, selecting a slide to edit will now no longer auto-select all the text on a slide.
Feature: Warning added for database backup
When launching LiveWorship for the first time each day, a backup of the database is made. A warning now alerts users to this delay.
Bug Fix: International Dates/Times
In versions 1.3.16 (and prior versions), international dates/times were not stored correctly in the database and could cause database corruption when trying to update to the newer database schema. These are now correctly stored in the database with 1.3.51, but those users with international (non-USA) date/time settings should contact LiveWorship support before updating a database used with a prior version to use with the newer database schema.
Bug Fix: Preview Panel not updating
Preview panel now updates correctly when in Screen 2 mode.
Bug Fix: DVD manager icons
Last Chapter and Rewind buttons how have the correct icons.
Bug Fix: Slide thumbnails appear "pixelated"
If the thumbnail image size is larger than the Preview panel, the slide thumbnails are now scaled to appear without pixelation.
Bug Fix: Slide Show Import slide order
Slides imported with the "create slide show" now correctly imports slides in a logical order.
Bug Fix: Changing groups using Group View
After changing a group, the Presentation Panel now correctly scrolls to top of group.
Bug Fix: Using Edit arrows in Group View
The arrow icons under the Preview Panel will no longer cause a crash when in the Group View mode.

Version 1.3.26 (Macintosh INTEL ONLY Update)
Released publicly on January 8, 2007

Feature: Universal Binary (although for Intel Macs ONLY; see known issues below)
This update is optimized for the newer Intel Macs. The newer database (schema 7) is not backwards compatible and cannot be opened by a previous version although users will still be able to import and export between the older 1.3.16 version.
Users will still be able to import and export between the Windows 1.3.16 version
Known Issues:
PowerPoint import will not be functional in the Mac Universal Binary version. Download the stand-alone PowerPoint Converter application, unzip and place in your LiveWorship folder (located in the Applications folder). Run this application to convert PowerPoint files into LiveWorship presentation files that can be imported.
18 Jan 2007 Update: Adding or removing a Bible module on 1.3.26 with a PPC (pre-Intel Macs) is causing a database corruption. We are investigating the cause but PPC Mac users (pre-Intel Macs) should NOT use 1.3.26 and export any presentations and revert back to 1.3.16.

Version 1.3.16
Released publicly on October 12, 2006

Update Win Mac
Small Install Win Mac
Large Install Win Mac
Feature: DVD Control
Ability to set in/out points and add a DVD queue to a slide. An icon for adding this queue as the background to a slide appears in the Slide Edit Panel.
Feature: Custom Resolutions
In addition to common resolution settings, LiveWorship presentations can be set to a custom resolution size. LiveWorship now scales slides (may letterbox) created in a different resolution to fit the current resolution. Slide thumbnails will also be scaled or letterboxed in the Presentation Panel if created in a different resolution than the current resolution.
Feature: Support for camera feed
Toggle the background of all slides to an external video feed with the "Camera On/Off" button in the Toolbar or attach this background to a particular slide using the icon in the Slide Edit Panel.
Feature: Simulation of second screen with floating window
Preview presentations without having a second screen (monitor or projector) attached using a floating window as the second screen.
Feature: Present on primary screen
Specifically for support on computers that do not support an extended desktop, LiveWorship can now present to the primary screen.
Feature: Database file backup utility
Once a day, LiveWorship can make a backup copy of the database file upon launching. Location of the current media library file is also displayed in the preferences along with the ability to change the location or create an empty database. This feature is disabled while using a trial/demo.
Feature: Online version checking
Option to have LiveWorship check online for updates. This can be turned on or off in the preferences.
Enhancement: Slide thumbnail information
Slide thumbnails in the Presentation Panel now include the resolution if the slide was created in a different resolution than currently selected. Icons for DVD, external video and slide text have been added to the slide indicator icon set.
Enhancement: Background image pan control
When a background image is set to the "custom" position. Clicking on the nine-direction pan control now snaps the background image to the edge. Right-clicking with your mouse (or with single button Macintosh mice, hold the control key while clicking with the mouse) on a directional control will nudge the background in that direction. See the Slide Edit Panel for more information on editing slide backgrounds.
Enhancement: Preview Panel size
The Preview Panel can be toggled between a minimum and maximum size by right-clicking on the Preview display.
Enhancement: Speed and Transition Icons on Toolbar
Drop down menus on toolbar now indicate the currently selected option.
Enhancement: Database is modified
Upon launching 1.3 for the first time, your database will be updated to allow new types media queues.
Enhancement: QuickTime check
Upon launch, LiveWorship will prompt user if they are not using an updated version of QuickTime. An option has been included to allow the user to proceed at their own risk despite the warning.
Enhancement: PageUp and PageDown keys
These keys now advance or reverse the display of a presentation.
Enhancement: Drag and drop slide onto Preview panel
You can now select a slide thumbnail in the Presentation Panel for editing by dragging the slide thumbnail into the Preview Panel.
Enhancement (Mac): Text enhanced
The text on the Macinosh has been enhanced for better display.
Bug Fix: Cancel for Automation Delays
After selecting a group for automated play, the cancel button will dismiss the dialog and not automate or change the slide delays.
Bug Fix: Bail to Background after Bail to Black
After using the Bail to Black button on the Toolbar, the Bail to Background now bails to the last background
Bug Fix: (Windows Only) Crash using "Screen 2 Off" button in the Toolbar
When using LiveWorship on Windows, toggling the screen 2 off may have caused an application crash.
Bug Fix: Alerts stopping the show
Sending an alert to the second screen does not halt an automated presentation.
Bug Fix: CCLI import with "licence"
Correctly imports CCLI SongSelect files that use the English spelling of "licence" instead of the American spelling, "license".
Bug Fix: Slide group name
Creating a slide group may have caused the group name to come up blank. This has been fixed.
Bug Fix: Stability issues addressed
Several stability issues have been addressed.
Known Issues:
Several stability issues have been addressed.
DVD queing ability on Windows is not as stable as desired.
DVD queues may not be imported on different computers due to industry regulations and controls.
Minimizing the LiveWorship window on the Windows OS may result in undesirable behavior such as removing the text from a slide being presented on the second screen.
Hiding the LiveWorship application while presenting on the second screen in the Mac OS may also hide the second screen window.
UTF8 Compatibility is affected, contact LiveWorship support (support@liveworship.com) for more information.

Version 1.2.17
Released publicly on March 24, 2006

Update Win Mac
Small Install Win Mac
Large Install Win Mac
Feature: Support for international characters
Limited support for international characters has been added.
Enhancement: Editor Window
Fields for song information have been added to the Editor Window for easy entry as you create songs. A drop down menu for "number of blank lines" for dividing slides has also been added to the Editor Window. This will allow easy changes and also serve as an indicator for the current setting.
Enhancement: CCLI #
Added an entry box for the CCLI# in the Copyright preferences that will be a global CCLI# setting for all songs.
Feature: Up/down arrow keys
While the "Screen 2" tab is selected, the up/down arrow keys now will advance or reverse the current slide.
Feature: Support for .psd files
Photoshop (.psd) files can now be imported.
Enhancement: Location of Config file
Config file is now created and stored in the user folder. This will reduce conflicts with permissions for users on computers with multiple user accounts. Each user account will be able to individualize their program settings.
Bug Fix: Help button on Toolbar
Help button now looks for main.html or index.html in help files and prompts if it can not find the help contents file.
Bug Fix: Focus on launch
Slide edit panel now has focus upon launching the program.
Bug Fix: Import or link dialog
The dialog when a file exceeds the preference setting for importing a file now correctly allows the user to select the option to link or import.
Cosmetic: Splash screen
A "splash screen" is displayed upon launching the program.
Version 1.2
Released publicly on January 10, 2006
Beta 1.2b6 limited release on CD on December 30, 2005
Beta 1.2b4 released publicly on December 22, 2005
Beta 1.2b2 released publicly on December 16, 2005
Beta 1.2b1 released publicly on November 17, 2005

Changes in v1.2 include:

Feature: Text over video
Video (or motion) files can now be used as background for slides with text (song lyrics, slide text or group text objects). Just drag a video file onto a slide and it will become the background image. Transitions will be cuts while using text over video. See system requirements for details on hardware requirements for using motion backgrounds. In v1.2b2, video clips that have no text on the same slide will play through once while video clips that are used with slides that have text continuously loop.
Feature: PowerPoint Import
Convert PowerPoint slides into LiveWorship slides. This feature requires PowerPoint be installed on the same computer. When you import a PowerPoint file, LiveWorship will launch PowerPoint to complete the import. Options include importing the presentation as flattened jpeg images (text embedded, and thus uneditable, into background image), attempting to strip the text only (gives the ability to edit the text in LiveWorship) or attempting to strip both the background image and the text (ability to edit the text and background image will be added to the LiveWorship backgrounds library) to re-create the slides in LiveWorship. See Importing for more detail on how to import files.
Feature: SongSelect Import
Text files downloaded from CCLI's SongSelect will be recognized when you import them into LiveWorship. See Importing for more detail on how to import files.
Feature: Apply to Group button
Selecting "apply to group" in the Slide Edit Panel now can be customized. Right-click on the "Apply to Group" button and you can now select whether this key will apply the following settings: Slide Delay, Background Image, Background Settings (color, size, scaling, alignment), Font Settings (font, style, size), Text Alignment (margins, positioning). These settings can be applied once to the group, once to the entire presentation or applied and saved so when you use the Apply to Group button without the right-click, it will use the last settings. The Apply to Group button is part of the Slide Edit Panel controls.
Feature: Recording Slide Delay feature
This is a useful feature that allows slide delays to be set while selecting slides for a group (in order, beginning to end). One use that we've found for it is to drop an audio file of a praise song onto the first slide and then use the recording feature to set the automatic timings so that the lyrics display along with the music. Click on the Record button in the Preview Panel (only displayed when you are editing the first slide in a group). See Preview Panel for more details on how to record the slide delays.
Feature: Bail to Buttons with transitions
The Bail to Buttons now use the global transition (Fade to...) unless you right-click on the bail button, which will "cut" to the logo/black/background. The Bail to Buttons are in the Toolbar.
Feature: Slide Delay now supports decimals
This change was made to help with the recording slide delays more accurate. The Slide Delay for each slide is visible in the Slide Edit Panel controls, just below the Preview Panel.
Feature/Bug Fix: Support for curly quotes
Files or text that is imported or copied and pasted now have better support for "curly" quotation marks. This was very noticeable in Microsoft files.
Feature: Last Date Modified Column
This column was added to the Library Panel window for songs, slide text and group text.
Feature: Loop button replaces the Play button in the toolbar.
Pressing the Loop button will begin the automated playing of the currently highlighted group in the Slide Group Panel. This automated playing of slides uses the slide delays that are associated with each slide. If no slide delay has been set (delay is zero) the user will be prompted to enter in a slide value greater than zero to adjust those slides before the automation will begin. Automated playing of the slides will continue until the Stop button on the Toolbar is pressed or another slide is selected to be displayed.
Feature: Check for QuickTime Version 7.0.3
If the required version of QuickTime is not detected (currently 7.0.3), LiveWorship will not run and inform the user to upgrade/install the current version of QuickTime.
Modification: Misc Preferences: Auto Import Files Under/Check for Duplicates
The parameters for auto-importing have been modified and Check For Duplicates was merged into this setting.
Bug Fix: Disappearing thumbnails
If more than 200 media items were in the library, the thumbnail images would sometimes not appear in the Library Panel. This has been fixed in v1.2.
Bug Fix: Margins reset after adding background image
This is now fixed in v1.2.
Bug Fix: Screen 2 not recognized if connected after LiveWorship has started
If you connect a second screen (monitor or projector) after LiveWorship has been started, use the "Enable Screen 2" button on the Toolbar to regain control of the second screen.

Version 1.1
Released publicly on September 28, 2005

Feature: Combined "Screen 2" and "Next" Tabs
A major change in the interface that created a "presentation mode" when the Screen 2 tab is selected. This allows users to see in the Screen 2 preview window what is being presented on the second screen. The next slide preview is also displayed at the same time. Clicking on either the Screen 2 or the Next preview image will force that slide into the Edit tab so you can quickly change what is on the screen. This also solved the focus issue for using the keyboard to control slides. In the previous version, there was always a focus issue between the presentation or the edit window having focus of the keyboard strokes. Now when the "Screen 2" tab is selected, the presentation always has the focus.
Bug Fix: New slides not respecting defaults set in preferences
Fixed in v1.1
Bug Fix: Cosmetic changes and several small functional fixes
Fixed in v1.1

Version 1.0
Released on CD, September 28, 2005


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