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"LiveWorship's interface was at once comfortable and intuitive enough for me to ignore the manual...some of the time...I tested the capability of playing video...a beast that would stop other presentation packages in their tracks. The video, to my surprise and delight, played effortlessly from within the presentation."

"We were able to run the text over video and play a video right from within the software and it worked almost flawlessly. My computer operator didn't get to even see the software until right before the service and she was able to run the entire service almost without a hitch. Great job!"

Red Sea Church

"I evaluated all the major vendors products on the market in this space (I installed and tested 9 different programs) and in the end came down to 3 that best fit the needs of our church...in the end our needs were best met with your product. Those basic needs were: ease of use (both in running presentations and building them), ability to run rolling announcements within the program (not via powerpoint or other application plug ins), and easy/effective song database management/input. LiveWorship did the best job of meeting these needs in my opinion."

Paul H.

"I am excited about LiveWorship and I am happy to see there is an active, on-going, development team to continue improving the product through innovative features while focused on ease of use."

Pastor Michael S.

"Finally, a solid lyric presentation package that actually lets me edit text on one slide while continuing to cue other slides at the same time...and it runs on my Mac!"

Brian Peat
The Peat Group

“When I began displaying lyrics for worship, everyone was using PowerPoint. But you would have to anticipate what slide was going to appear next and often I found myself jumping from slide to slide to slide trying to find the correct lyrics. Being able to see LiveWorship’s slide thumbnail images makes it so simple and easy.

The group that designed LiveWorship is made up of worship leaders and technology team members from a variety of churches. We knew we wanted an easy to use interface but with powerful features like the ability to continue presenting different slides while continually editing one slide (edit on-the-fly) or being cross-platform compatible for both Macintosh and Windows. LiveWorship truly moves us into a new era of worship and technology.”

Alan Cook
Waverly, Ohio

"The easiest, most user controlled presentation software I have ever operated."

Justin Rigsby
Trinity UMC

"LiveWorship has revolutionized our ability to prepare for worship; it’s speed of setup has meant that I don’t have to spend hours (like I did before) assembling song lyrics and sermon illustrations, and volunteers can be trained to support services quickly and very easily.

Church members also remarked to me the very first week how sharp and professional our video looked-it truly has gotten us “past the technology” to focus on worship."

Tom Krouse
Grace Fellowship
Chillicothe, OH

"We set out to create a worship presentation software package that first was super easy to use! We wanted it to have a very short learning curve due to the fact that in most churches, the technical staff is made up of volunteers. They just don't have the time to dedicate to learning a program. Second, we wanted to be able to edit presentations "on-the-fly"! Our goal was to never let the congregation see you sweat! Adding backgrounds, songs, scriptures, videos, etc. could all happen in the middle of the presentation without interruption. Third, we wanted LiveWorship to have all of your worship resources at your fingertips. Drag, drop and Worship! Our powerful database keeps all of your songs, backgrounds, video clips, music, and bible translations in an easy to browse library that is built right into the interface. You never have to leave your presentation add something to the worship experience. Because of these features and many others, I feel we have developed a great new cross platform product. LiveWorship....it's worship that moves you!"

Marty Ford
General Manager of Team LiveWorship


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